Mission Statement

Auto Smith Emissions was created by educators who wanted to establish a business that helps the community become stronger, healthier, and more conscientious about our environment.  This allows us many opportunities to apply our knowlege of teaching and learning! Hydrocarbons and additonal elements can collide and form emissions that are harmful to our bodies and the air we breathe! In our pursuit to give the best experience to our customers, every employee goes through the State of Georgia's Clean Air Certifcation Endorsement in order to work for us.  We strive to complete emissions tests with fidelity and integrity.  Come by our station today!  We look forward to meeting you and we appreciate your business!

 Rogers S. Smith


17 year + educator in the Metropolitan Atlanta area! Avid car enthusiast, educator, and entreprenuer

 Mrs. Demetrius Smith


18 year + educator in the Metropolitan Atlanta area! Certified counselor and community leader 

Artrice "Ace" Gamble


Tashara Smith

Station Inspector

Xavier Johnson

Mobile Emissions Inspector

Shamarr Borden

Mobile Emissions Inspector/Drive Cycle Specialist

Tiffany Calloway

Mobile Emissions Inspector

Orlando Howard

Drive Cycle Specialist

Bobby Barrett

Drive Cycle Specialist

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